Friday, July 13, 2007

Dove siamo?

Where are we? As I mentioned before we are staying at a hotel, in a special room (what they call "il residence.") This room functions like a little apartment, it has two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, a dining room area, and a sofa and two chairs in a sitting area; behind foldable doors you can find a kitchenette, with a sink, a stove top, and a mini refrigerator. You can actually see pictures of it at:

We lucked out with this hotel, since it is the only one in Varese that allows dogs! Mocha seems to like the place, and she loves our daily walks to get gelato (I am glad the gelateria is not too close, so I can pretend that I am burning the calories on my way there!)

I have taken Mocha for runs around the area since I am trying to keep up with my running. I have tried several routes, and they are all equally dangerous. I go on the road (tiny, little, small, road), and if I want to run for a while I have to stick to the main roads (all others are always dead ends); so I run facing traffic, and I am careful, and usually drivers are careful too. One good thing is that people do not drive fast on this small roads. There is a gym at the hotel, and they have a treadmill, but the weather is so beautiful, and my poor dog needs the exercise, so I will keep being careful and fit!

There is a beautiful trail around lake Varese and this is the ultimate running heaven. But it is not close to the hotel, and since Fernando takes the only car we have to work, I am kind of forced to run near the hotel.

The hotel has a few bikes for the guests, and you can see me riding a bike to the store to buy the daily bread and fruit. Yes, I ride wearing skirts and dress shoes and no helmet! Tutto va bene!

If I need to go to town, then I can take the bus (a 5 minute ride) and I can go look at all the saldi (sales). Just look, because even though some items are 50% off, they are prohibitive for a regular human like me. Believe me, I miss a good deal! Where is a Macy's when you need it? Obviously everything is really beautiful, modern and fashionable. Tonight (and all Friday nights in July) the stores in town will be open until midnight. They need to make up for closing from 12:30 to 3:30... We are planning on going to people watch, and to enjoy a beautiful summer night while listening to music (free concerts almost every night).

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