Tuesday, January 6, 2009

42 things I will like to do before I turn 43

Inspired by the amazing Andrea and her love of lists, I have decided to make my own list.

These are things that I love to do, or that I wish I could do, or that I dream to do. This list is like a sketch of the year to come; it will change, and morphe, and deconstruct itself.

I am screaming my wishes into the wind, and by doing so, I am.

1. Finish "the painting" for Fernando. BTW the picture above is his.
2. Teach Nicolas some YO-YO tricks.
3. Read a Jane Austen book.
4. Send a handmade postcard a month. (If you want to be in the receiving end of this project, leave a comment on this post.)
5. Visit il Giardino dei Tarocchi, the monumental project by artist Niki de Saint Phalle in Tuscany.
6. Bake bread.
7. Surprise Fernando.
8. Handprint some pillow covers -inspired by the fantastic Lena Corwin and her book Printing by Hand.
9. Run a half marathon in Italy.
10. Print my "good" photos, on good paper, frame them and hang them.
11. Frame my friends' artwork, so we can enjoy it.
12. Read an unlikely book.
13. Wordpress my blog!!!
14. Make gnocci from scratch.
15. Go to Morocco.
16. Make another stop motion movie with Nicolas.
17. Plant sunflowers.
18. Write the storyline for a child's book.
19. Sketch daily.
20. Learn how to take pictures ttv.
21. Cook with Nicolas once a week.
22. Use Rosetta Stone to learn french.
23. Take another ceramics class.
24. Cook melcocha with Fernando and Nicolas.
25. Go hiking near Monte Rosa.
26. Cook rabbit.
27. Organize my music library.
28. Cronicle a day in our life with pictures.
29. Organize my art lessons in a notebook.
30. Dance often with my boys.
31. Watch La Dolce Vita
32. Learn how to knit.
33. Go to La Scala.
34. Grow a herb garden.
35. Give Yoga a try, once more.
36. Declutter.
37. Reconnect with friends.
38. Perfect my mojito recipe.
39. Solve the bathroom window "problem."
40. Teach Nicolas about his ancesters.
41. Cook pulpo a la Gallega (Galician octopus.)
42. Visit ROME.

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