Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Italian Job (for real)

Have you seen the movie The Italian Job? If you have not, imagine a group of very handsome and smart thieves who get away from the police while driving little mini-coopers (driving is an understatement, car juggling is more like it.)

Anyhow, yesterday we may have encountered the real people that inspired the movie! I am certain. My son and I were driving back home through the little streets of Varese when I heard a police car siren behind us. I, the good citizen that I am, slowed down and stopped next to the sidewalk to let them go by. The car behind me (a mini-cooper) took off at a speed that made me realize he was not going to stop, but instead he was going to try to get away! The police car accelerated past us, and soon cut the mini-cooper off -just to clarify, this was happening right in front of us, not even 10 meters away- Two policemen came out of the car, and when the mini-cooper's driver did not follow their instructions to get out, they felt it necessary to take out their guns and point them at him (in our direction, may I add.)

While this was happening, I was fidgeting with my phone to try and get a picture. When I was about to snap a good one, another driver decided that I had had too good of a seat to watch the developing drama for too long, and he squeezed his car in between us and the mad driver from the movie! So, you will have to take my word for it. I saw it all, and it was unbelievable.

To think that I drove on the streets of LA for 10 years and never saw a freeway chase!

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