Monday, June 22, 2009

Rocking weekend

It is the last week of school, and things are falling into the Summer vortex rapidly. End of the year parties abound, Nick and his band played at their party yesterday. The thing is that they needed a place to practice before the event, and we decided it was our turn to rock the house (no neighborhood consulting involved.) So on Friday afternoon kids and instruments were delivered to the house, and the FUN began. They take their music seriously, these five, so there were many hours filled with music, with a little break in there to make room for a water fight. FUN I said.

What is a mom to do? Well, cook, of course! I found cilantro in Italy, which inspired me to go Mexican. I made a delicious Pico de Gallo salsa, a luscious guacamole, and of course I had to do with your packaged taco kit for the tortillas. Well, after seeing food disappear from the table at a steady pace, I have come to the conclusion that music makes 12 year olds hungry. Very hungry! They were raving about the food, as it was the first time for a couple of them trying Mexican and a special treat to the others.

After dinner the kids practiced a little more, then they "settled" for the night with a pillow fight, a funny movie, some midnight hide and seek, and finally some sleep.

Saturday morning I made my signature pancake breakfast (I am famous for it!) with all kinds of toppings (nutella, maple syrup, fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc.) Just enough sugar to keep them going all morning long. Then they had to take apart the drum set so that we could fit it in the car, and off they went to get ready for the Sunday concert.

Sunday we celebrated father's day with an early call, a fine gift of coupons from Nick to dad, including a private concert coupon, a mowing the lawn coupon, a cleaning your car coupon, and several hugs, kisses, and massage coupons. We also gave dad his very own Weber grill. Now we are going to BBQ the right way people! No more gas at the ready, we are moving towards the "slow food" movement! Yes!

A glorious day allowed the kids to have a great party, full of food, music, and lots and lots of water balloons. The concert was a success, and I made sure I embarrassed my poor son by screaming, and clapping, and jumping like the groupie that I am. He will need a shrink to erase these life time memories I am helping to create. He couldn't help but smile when he said that I was a little over the top in my show of affection. The pains of an only child...

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