Monday, July 20, 2009

An architect's dream

Many of you know that my first love was architecture. I have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture, plus a few years working in the field back in Colombia. Nowadays I refer to architecture as an ex-boyfriend: loved, not forgotten, not in my life. I still daydream of a day when we build our house in Colombia (all that knowledge must be stored somewhere in my dusty brain!)

So, when it came time to celebrate our 15th anniversary, what is a good husband to do? What about a little rendezvouz with your ex? And that my friends is what we did!

My dear husband booked the Hotel Puerta America for our stay in Madrid last week. Why am I so excited? WELL, this hotel called on the brightest architects of our time to participate on the design of every detail of the place. Each floor has been designed by a different genius, and it is quite an experience to stay there.

From Zaha Hadid, and Norman Foster, to Plasma Studio and Jean Nouvel... every single floor has a different personality. If I had a choice, I would stay in the Hadid floor; but we left it to chance and we got floor 7: Ron Arad. Wonderful choice!

The lobby to our floor... isn't it cool?

Hallway to our bedroom, even cooler!

Our bathroom... just forget about all preconceptions, and enjoy!

Our ROUND bed! So much fun! We controlled everything, from the lights to the TV projector with a master remote... hours and hours of fun, I tell you!

I fell head over heels for my ex all over again. Thank you sweet husband of mine, THANK YOU!

P.S. The pictures you see are from the hotel's website, as our camera had no battery, and the pics we took with our cell phone are really bad.

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