Sunday, September 23, 2007

Writer's block.

I don't fancy myself a writer, but I am suffering the worst symptom a writer can experience: a blank page (computer screen in my case.) The words refuse to come out and play. This week I tried unsuccessfully to write a post about coffee in Italy; I had so much to say, yet I wrote only nonsense. I still have a draft of that post, and maybe I will be able to organize my thoughts around it and finish it; perhaps all I need is a cup of coffee!!!
I love writing this blog, it gets my creative juices going, my mind goes back and forth looking for the right word, the best description, the punch line!!! I have so much fun, that I never thought it could be difficult to do it... Yet, I sat down a couple times to finish my entry and it just did not happen! So please forgive me if I am not up to par this time around.

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