Friday, February 1, 2008

You make my day

What do you know? I have been awarded a *you make my day award* by Nonizamboni which pretty much makes MY day! Thank you very much.
I started reading Noni's blog: Peackock Blue via Sunday Scribblings and I just *love* the precious pieces that this incredible woman writes. You should stop for a visit.
Now it is my turn to pass this award forward, make sure you take some time to browse these great blogs as they are worth every second of your time:
Michelle of Bleeding Espresso needs no introduction. If you have followed my blog for a while you know that I look up to Michelle for inspiration. She is smart, funny, a blogger's blogger. I have fallen in love with Calabria through her words.
My new friend Paola has created a masterpiece of a blog. In My Life is not just a blog about cooking, it is so much more! It is a fresh respite in your daily routine. It is a beautifully crafted place to talk about family, love, health and last but not least mouthwatering food.
Jenn from Something to Say is a mom with many talents: she writes, she sings, she takes photos, and she does it all well. I can count on Jenn to bring a smile to my face any day.
Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy is another source of inspiration. Her energy and talent just burst from the screen. She is a gifted photographer and traveler extraordinaire.
What are you waiting for? Click away!

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