Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fast, easy pasta.

In lieu of La Cucina di Nicola, today we present you the easiest, fastest way to a pasta dish. We found this AMAZING secret by the main road on our way to Gallarate. I have never seen it before, but today it just caught my attention.
Without further delay....

I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but I have the urge to explain to you this picture... That cute boy on the left? he is mine, my boy, my Nicolas. Back to the point... that machine you see, in all its yellow splendor, is a pasta vending machine!!! NOOO! You say. Impossible! Others reply. I am here to tell you that I saw it with my very own eyes! It was there, siting happily between the cigarette vending machine (I know! I need to write another post about this!) and the soda vending machine.
The machine has several options, you choose which one appeals to you to go with your marlboros and your coke, and presto: Il pranzo é qui! (your lunch is here!) as posted on the delivery door on the bottom right.
I doubt any meal delivered by this contraption will look anything like the picture in the front of the machine, but.... if you want to try, I can give you the coordinates to the place. I was satisfied with just the sight of it.
I wish I had seen this before, I could have used it for my last Sunday Scribblings prompt: "Out of this World"

Recipes will return next week. This week our chef Nicola had soccer games to play, you see...

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