Monday, September 15, 2008

I am back!

It is difficult to come back to a blog after a couple months of nothingness...
I considered the option of just letting it lie as it was and to never look back. I also thought about how liberating it would feel to not obsess over what to write every day. Yet, I still have so much to write about, and I enjoy doing so. Then what to do?
I am still thinking about change, a new format perhaps? A change of content?
All I know is that I will focus on La Cucina di Nicola and our traveling adventures on this blog, while I will start a new blog just for my creative side (not too many words, mainly images.)
We are busier this school year, and I find my free time slipping away in a blink of an eye. I need structure to make things happen, hence my new blog. It will be my virtual sketchbook, a place for my ideas to take place. Somedays it might be an interesting place to visit... For now, it is up, and I am happy.
I will be back soon with some posts about our LONG vacation.
It is good to be back.

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