Friday, February 13, 2009

Drama Queen!

One of the great things about taking a ceramic class is that I have made some very creative friends. One of them, Laura, belongs to a drama group in town. She invited me to participate on the play that they were working at the time. I was elated, as I love theater ( I was a very active member of my college´s drama group) and could see no better way to spend some winter nights than rehearsing with some crazy Italians.

The play is more a "happening" than an actual play, with a series of scenes united by a common tread. Some of the scenes include dancing, singing, reading or playing music; all of them refer to the "other," or the foreign one. Several people, like me, were invited to participate as foreign guests; we were to bring something of our culture to the play. In the beginning I had imagined some Colombian dancing, but without a partner the idea did not go far.

Yesterday was our premiere. I participated in a group dance, and I read from a text by Gabriel García Márquez in Spanish, alternating with an Italian reading it in Italian. In another scene (all the foreigners) came together with their Italian hosts and did a performance, which ended the play. We had a decent crowd at the Apollonio, the main theatre in Varese, and everything went smoothly. There was a fantastic energy in the room, young and old, Italian or stranieri, we all enjoyed the experience. We will do it again soon.

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