Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some things I have learned lately (a list of sorts)

Even after three straight days of rain the sun will come out and shine on you.

When your butcher tells you "brutto ma buono" (ugly but good) referring to the cut of meat you are buying, you better listen because you will cook the best Arrosto di Vitello (Veal roast) ever!

There are treasures to be found everywhere. My latest? this beautiful Alessi fruit holder which I found at the second hand store for a fraction of its price! It was new and in its original box!

You can laugh yourself silly after cooking disasters, or so I have been taught by Julia Powell of the now famous Julie & Julia. A fun read for foodies and bloggers alike.

Running with friends is the best therapy one can have.

Listening to good music while browsing Flickr and choosing favorites is the ultimate creative buster.

My dog dreams of running.

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