Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When running gets you places

I am a runner. I am a runner now. Three years ago? Not so much.

I started running because Fernando runs. I kept on running because I was turning 40 and it made me feel stronger than ever before. I keep running because it gives me more than it takes. Really.

When we moved to Italy, the thing I wanted more than anything else was to start a running group. I had a fabulous group of running friends back in California and I missed them. I missed their energy and support, as well as their incredible strength. Running on my own was fine, but running with friends? There is just no comparison.

I started a so called running club among the expat community members, but lets just say that it was more a name than anything else. My friend and neighbor Pien was my only companion during the first year. Then she got a dog, and after that, three more awesome ladies joined. Running with dogs, it was.

A couple of us decided to train for a Marathon. I got injured during training, at about kilometer 29, and  I did not run a marathon, but my friend Heidi did! Her first! She is a strong lady, she just keeps on going! Other friends run shorter races, or no races. Everybody's favorite is our weekly Thursday's meet when we get to talk and run to our hearts content.

This fall our group has grown exponentially. It might be that I am not a newcomer anymore and I know more people in the area, or it might be the natural evolution of things. Whatever the reason, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to hang out with a very diverse and interesting group of women. We come from all corners of the globe to find our best friends on the sneaker wearing lady running next to us. Life is just great!

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