Sunday, July 29, 2007

More about Spain.

We went to Arenas de Iguña, Cantabria to meet with all the others. We stayed at a country house just outside the town.

Nicolas was having the time of his life. There was a total of 8 kids between the ages of 2 and 16 at the house; the common language used was Spanish, but 2 of the kids came from France, and Nick and his cousins spoke in English sometimes. All of the older children (9+), would go to the town's square every night, and meet the local kids there. They would either play soccer (visitors invariably lost) or hide and go seek. They had a curfew and they always came back on time. Nicolas felt so independent and grown up that I thought he had grown 3 years in a week.

We were 8 adults for a grand total of 16 people and ONE bathroom. It all worked out without a problem. Kids would usually take their showers at night, and we would do it in the morning.
You might be wondering how and what did everyone eat? Adriana (Pilar's friend and the youngest of the sisters) was in charge of cooking, and what a great job she did! She likes to cook and it shows! We were treated to great food all the time, from simple fried chicken to delicious seafood dishes. My son (the self-proclaimed vegetarian) had to eat everything on his plate under the vigilant eye of Ana Lucia (Adriana's sister), and everything was a form of "chicken", or so he thought! Well, playing all day outside, running around, swimming at the beach, and helping around the house, sure opens your appetite! Nicolas is now a more savvy eater, for sure!

On my second day there, I got a call from the delivery service contracted by Vueling to deliver my suitcase. The man was calling to get instructions in how to find the house, Adriana told him how to get there, and sure enough, ten minutes later I was reunited with my bag!!!! See how happy I looked! Even the delivery man was happy! What a great service Vueling!!!
Truth is: I had a great excuse to go shopping in Spain, since I had no clothes for TWO WHOLE DAYS! What a treat.

My week in Cantabria was great. Weather permitted we would get ready in the morning and head out to a nearby beach, which there are many. Some days were sunny and hot, others were overcast. The children did not mind, and Even though I wanted to get tan, I did not care either. The views were gorgeous and we were relaxed and happy.

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