Thursday, October 11, 2007


Fall is here, and with it comes the nut bounty! There are THREE chestnut trees in our front yard, a walnut tree in our backyard and some other nut trees in the back! At the beginning I thought they were a problem with all the mess they make around the house. I did not even know I had walnuts until it was too late and they were all rotten. But Chestnuts... they are a whole different story. People walk around town with bags in their pockets so they can pick up the fallen chestnuts and take them home. We did not know how to cook them, and to tell you the truth I did not care. Remember I am Colombian, and I lived in Southern California for over 10 years. Chestnuts are as alien to me as a snowstorm!
Giuseppe and Rosana (our landlords and neighbors) had a different idea: they invited us over for a "castagna" festival at their house. Well, not really a festival, but a celebration of nature's bounty on our front yard. Francesco (the youngest son) collected all the chestnuts in preparation for our arrival. When we got to the house, they had the fireplace going, and we started the "ceremony". Giuseppe cooked the chestnuts over the open fire, and then we all eat to our heart's content.... I will let the pictures do the talking, enjoy.... but beware.... do not eat to many of them or you will end up like me.... (no words!)

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