Sunday, March 9, 2008

A good friend

Wishing every one of you a belated happy women's day! I have been without my daily computer fix for a week and it has been good! I have missed writing on my blog, visiting my virtual friends, and keeping up with the news, but I have been enjoying my friend DeeAnn's company. She arrived 12 days ago from California and left today; we visited Tuscany, Milan, the lakes, Switzerland and my little home town of Varese. Mind you we still have only one car in our household, so it meant that we left my husband without a car for a long weekend. We managed to squeeze our visits after driving Fernando to his office and during school hours (thankfully Nicolas has 3 long days a week, when he gets home at 4:45). Of course we did not count on Nicolas getting sick and staying home from school, but those days gave us an excuse to take a break, and focus on other things. DeeAnn taught Nicolas to bake cinnamon rolls -I will publish the recipe this week. My son loves Dee's cooking from our days as neighbors in California, he would eat anything she cooks... Note to self: I should just serve him my food and claim that she left it for him...
It was very good to see my good friend again, and to try to talk about every single possible thing that we have not talked about in seven months! I should mention that we are unlikely friends as we think so differently in matters of religion and politics. We have different personalities too, Dee is a planner and I am an improviser; she is ready for everything and I just go about unprepared, hoping that she will be there when I need to be ready. We are friends in spite of our differences, and I have to give credit to Dee for taking the first steps to find our common ground.
I am so thankful to have someone like DeeAnn as a friend, as she is generous, smart, gracious, funny, and sincere. I needed her advice, and her attention, I missed our little debates and great conversations. I wish I was as good a friend to her as she is to me, as I sometimes behave a little like "Jekyll and Hyde" when stress takes over the best of me.
I love my friend, and I will remember her visit for a long time. Thanks for coming Dee!

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