Thursday, May 7, 2009


YES! We have been spending a lot of our time outdoors. The weather is at its best; the rain has finally left, leaving behind a beautiful carpet of green and flowers everywhere. Our little yard is getting spruced, the table, the chairs, the canopy ready for the long afternoons. On earth day we planted some flowers, geraniums on the balcony, bright colorful flowers by the kitchen window, and I got my long awaited sunflowers too! I get to cross # 17 from the list!

We also splurged on two lounge chairs for the garden. Now we do as the Italians do, we sunbathe every chance we have and clearly we are getting a little bit of our Californian color back. I was fading away to snow colored whiteness... winters are long around here... But Spring is here to stay, unlike last year when everybody was talking about having an early winter- or Dutch weather- when it did not stop raining for the whole month of May, and then it kept on raining for the whole month of June... Not something I want to remember.

The chairs are placed facing our gorgeous view of the Swiss Alps, which can be a bewitching scene. I am making mojitos to celebrate the weather (#38), so far I am buying the mint at the market, but come the new moon, we will be planting our herb garden (#34) to keep us stocked for a while. I only wish I had an ice dispenser in my fridge... HA! Keep on dreaming, she says!

Reading Sense and Sensibility, and wondering how things are going to work out for all involved. Listening to Macaco and loving it. Getting ready for my trip to Barcelona where I will meet with four of my childhood friends. Loving life and running.

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