Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Summer

In a blink of an eye I find myself back to our happy routine. Gone are the days of sand and beach, of sunbathing and walking with no purpose... Well, not GONE, GONE, but let's say they will randomly show up for a few weekends. I like Summer with its long days, green grasses, and happy children everywhere; but I adore Fall's mild weather and colors. I am a mountain girl, what can I say?

Summer's bright light has left its impression in my eyes and in my skin. Friends, a giant mechanized elephant, lots and lots of sand, giant puppets, unforgettable art and great food are all part of my memories.

It isn't easy to come back, it is even more difficult to seat down and write when all I want to do is enjoy the gorgeous weather while it lasts. I don't like to say goodbye, it is always sad... but I have a lot to look forward to: baking, boots, teaching, writing, having me time, and did I mention boots?
I will see you soon, I promise.

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