Monday, September 7, 2009

I remember when he followed me...

Nicolas is 12 now, and he keeps on growing tall and lean. My boy is leaving childhood with fast steps and I both enjoy it and fret it.

We went hiking yesterday, Nico took the lead, and I had to work hard to keep up. The farther he got, the smaller he looked, the bigger he seemed.

As I said before, we are going to enjoy the sunshine, and we are going to store it deep in our skin, and we will be ready when winter comes... or so I think. The weather was beautiful this weekend, sunny, calm, dry and warm. The Swiss Alps were ALL visible from our house, so we decided to hear their call and pay them a visit.

We are very, very close to Switzerland and its fairy-tale landscapes. First, we headed to the Gotthard tunnel (24.51 Km long) and then up to the Sustenpass (2224 meters above sea level) with its gorgeous views of the Gadmen Valley and the Stein Glacier. Then it was down again to the valley, and to our final destination: Triftbahn, a gondola station. When we got there, there was a LONG queue for the gondola ride. We had to wait for an hour and a half before we got up 1357 m.

From this point we hiked along the Triftwasser to the Triftbrücke (1720 m) suspension bridge. This bridge is 102 m long and 70 m high. Impressive! The panoramic views of the Trift glacier and the lake are worth every step taken. We took many, many pictures, we rested a little, and then it was all the way back to the car. A gorgeous day trip for us. Nicolas stated on the way back that Switzerland is his favorite country to visit (little goat that he is). I guess we will be planning more hikes in the near future.

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