Sunday, July 8, 2007

First day

We had managed to fit the last bits of our Californian life into SIX suitcases, and no matter how many wheels each of them had, the two of us could not manage them all. So off I went to get a cart, with euros in hand... well I had no coins, just bills. Kid is left keeping an eye on suitcases, mom goes looking for a change machine. Mom finds the one and only machine which is being maintained at that precise moment. Mom waits, and waits, and finally gets the attention of the man in charge of all things coin related. He is nice enough to give me change, and we can finally get all our luggage in one place.

Fernando (hubby and dad) had come to pick us up at the airport which made things a little easier on Nicolas. He doesn't want to be here, and he is reluctantly following us into this new life.

We are now faced with our first real taste of Italian life: how to fit six suitcases into a Renault (that is a small french car for those of you who might not know). We managed to do it without leaving the kid behind! And we are on our way to the hotel to take a shower, eat a delicious meal and take a nap. Then, we get in the car again to go to another airport in the south of Milan, to pick up our dog, Mocha. I know that some people would think us crazy for bringing the dog to such an adventure, but she won't let us go!!!!

We go from one office to another, to get seals on our documents for the dog. We pay a little here and a little there, and at the end we are reunited with a very tired dog. Nicolas is happier now, he does not mention going "back home" anymore. I guess home is where your dog is!

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