Monday, July 9, 2007

We have visitors!

One thing you should know about Colombians is that we stick together. We will go to the end of the earth to visit a friend, and there are some unwritten rules about it:

  • The visitor will have no problem sleeping on the floor if necessary.
  • The visitee will provide shelter and company.
  • The visitor will always help around the house.
  • The visitee will surely be a visitor in the near future.

I have been all over the US and Europe lodging at friend's homes, so it is only natural than on our first week in Italy we had visitors. Our dear cousin Pilar and her two children arrived on Friday the 29th at night. We were really happy to see them, but Nicolas was the one that really benefited from having kids his age to hang out with.

We play tourist for a while and we visited Sacro Monte di Varese, Lugano in Switzerland, Stressa on Lago Maggiore, Lake Como (Do you know George Clooney owns a house here?), Venezia, and of course Milano. We had good days and bad days, like when we chose to drive to Venice instead of taking the train. We were stuck in traffic for hours at a time, even at midnight! My back still hurts from all the stress of driving.

When driving on the Italian highways one should avoid driving on the left lane unless one is driving a Ferrari! You will be tailgated so close, by the powerful machines on the road, that you will have to get out of their way or risk being pushed out of the road! I was forced out of that lane a couple times, but that is a couple times too many! Safe driving everyone!

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