Thursday, July 16, 2009

Let me tell you why I blog

I blog because I need it.
I blog because of my mom, my most faithful reader.
I blog because of Nicolas, to help him remember.
I blog because I need to keep a record of my thoughts.
I blog because I take pictures.
I blog because I forget.
I blog because of the amazing community of bloggers out there.
I blog because I can.

Sometimes I wonder how much longer I will blog. I find it sometimes difficult and challenging, but then I get a comment that encourages me, or I get a job offer because of what I do, or I get an award by a fellow blogger, and then I know that I will keep on blogging.

The sweet Lost in Sicilia awarded me with a Honest Scrap Award and to be honest, it made my day! I had been thinking about closing the suitcase for good, and then I get a nice pat in the back. So thank you, thank you very much.

This award requires that I write 10 honest things about me, so here we go:

-I am jealous of those who cook with ease.
-I love to eat, this is the main reason why I run.
-Did I tell you that I like wine too? A lot.
-I am a dog person. Cats are just too cold.
-I have a lot of projects in my mind, few of these see the light of day.
-I am afraid of lightning.
-I am a romantic fool.
-I want a tree house. Again.
-Making things makes me happy.
-I clean while listening to music. The dancing, shake your hips, sing out loud kind of music.

There you have it. Now, time to spread the love and award some special bloggers:

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