Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sunday Scribblings

There is a prelude to it that allows courage to accumulate.
There is no middle ground in quitting. Quitting is not easy, it hurts and liberates, it hurts and it frees, it hurts and it cleans.
Quitting implies leaving behind something that was intrinsically yours, or something to which you had slowly become addicted to.
Quitting is exhilarating, the moment in which rupture is real, when there is a before and an after, this is a moment of excess. One is truer, freer then.
This is not the quitting of giving up. This is the quitting that brings us closer to the idea of us. Quitting that erases the wrongs and opens possibilities.
Quitting opens up room for the things we really want to do.
We should all be quitters.

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