Monday, September 28, 2009

One day (#28)

Remember the list? I do. Every day. December is almost here, and I have so many more things to do...

Well better not to think much about it, and just keep on doing. As I said before, the list will change, and it will grow, and it will diminish, and it will be a reminder, but what the list will never be is an obligation. And with that out of my system, here comes #28: Cronicle a day in our life with pictures.

This is just a day, not a "I will remember forever" kind of day, it is just a simple day. This is a Sunday in our home, in our town. The loving fabric of our lives.

Good morning my sweet dog. We are up early on Sundays, let the boys sleep.

Sunday's breakfast always includes pancakes, good coffee, and today we have some leftover sour cream cake. Yum!

All ready for a sweet family breakfast.

Nicolas and I reviewed his math, and he explained to me what he had to do. I am glad I was able to help!

Then we were off to the town's flea market, always an opportunity...

for pictures, and treasures...

even if you don't buy anything.

We came home to eat a light lunch of pasta alla amatriciana, salad, bread, and off course vino. All that spice sure makes you thirsty!

While the boys watched Formula-1 (they like cars, what can I say)

I went to the computer to write some emails, and somehow I ended up on Facebook. Suddenly an hour had gone by...

Did you know that pasta is a runner's fuel? A run by the lake with Fernando... I should be more specific: we run at the same time, but we don't run together... I can't keep up with his pace... Moca keeps me company.

Apperitivo while watching the sunset, then arepas made by Fernando, some reading and Angels and Demons to bring the night to a close -with more vino, off course.

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